5 Best Internet Business Phone System for Small Business


Every business needs telephone/call services in it premises. Traditionally, business have used old fashion telephones from local telephone service providers. Thanks to the advancement of the technology and internet, we now have Internet Business Phone System more consumer centric and with more features VOIP that serves best interest for the small Business. VOIP is “Voice over internet Protocol” service, which enables small businesses to make business phone calls and receive over the internet.
In this article, we will highlight 5 Best internet business phone systems, so you can easily compare and decide which one best works for you.
Table of Content:

  1. RingCentral
  2. Ooma Office Phone
  3. Nextiva
  4. VoicesShot
  5. CallHippo

So Why use VOIP?

Small businesses use traditional phone call services previously. Now Businesses are growing and need not only phone services but also extra features such as video calls, connecting among employees and so on. To cater this need, VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) comes in handy. VOIP mechanisms are same which works over the internet, for example transmitting data in real time. Secondly, VOIP is also very cost effective and free if you compare with traditional phone services.

With VOIP, you have flexibility to track data, phone calls, improvise customer service, scaling and even the best part of VOIP is that you don’t have to pay extra money for land line rent, and enjoy services while you are on go with only internet. You just need a faster internet connection.

We will highly key features of the best internet business phone system with the cost per month or annually and write conclusion to whether what we think to buy and test.

  1. RingCentral

Price: 19.99 $ per month for Essential Package.

Key Features: RingCentral with its basic package, has following features,

  1. It can integrate upto 20 users,
  2. Will be offered business phones or Toll Free numbers if business needs
  3. No limit of sms from Business
  4. Allows team messaging
  5. Allows document sharing
  6. Free and without limit calls within United States and Canada region

Company Overview:

Established in 1999, RingCentral now is one of the top companies in VOIP business. RingCentral is cloud based business phone systems that integrate many other applications online with its products. RingCentral is having more than 2000 Employees worldwide. RingCentral has many products to offer to it customers with cloud based technology.

Price: $ 19.95 monthly/Per user , and Ooma office pro is at $ 24.95 monthly/per user.

Key Features: Ooama offers wide range of features, such as

Desktop App: Small business use this to manage business phone system right from the computer or laptop. This is convenient way to utilize all OOama functionality.

Mobile App: Also have mobile app to use it on go.

Virtual Receptionist: You don’t need actual assistant, with OOama you have automated virtual receptionist to manage calls/setup multiple call forwarding menus.

MultiRing: Allows your business phone number to ring multiple places

Call Recording: allows you to record every call using business phone number

Video Conferencing: allows you to have video conference

Company Overview:
OOama is American company, which was established in 2004 in Palo Alto California. It offer best VOIP services for small businesses. OOama offers many features that can be useful in deciding if its best choice.


The essential services start  from $ 19.95 per month per user and goes upto $ 27.95 per month per user as enterprise package. There are various extra benefits if you pay little extra.

Key Features:
With Nextiva’s every package, you get 24/7 support if you face any problems while working or using the business phone software. Other features are

In basic package, you can only call 4 participate in conference call while in enterprise package, you can get unlimited number of participants in audio conference call. Mobile app calling is available in both packages, but in Enterprise Package, you can also get video calling, team messaging, and amazon Chime.


All packages has NextOS call pop app, and integration with google and other programs, but one extra benefits of enterprise package is you have option of integration with CRM softwares such as “SalesForces, HubSpot, ZenDesk  etc. On the top of this, you also have option to record the call.

Company Overview:

This VOIP (Voice over internet protocol) company established in United States in the year of 2006, and has more than 1000 employees. Its mission is to be top in the VOIP business in the world, while providing high end technology and determined to innovate and excel in this field.

Price: $19 for 400 mints , and 19.95 for 1000 minutes

Key Features:

VoicesShot has 1 toll free or local number for free in both packages, and you can have unlimited full feature suite.

Company Overview:

Little to unknown, VoicesShot is major competitor and offer flexible yet affordable packages to the customers. It offers cloud Phone system with autopilot.  

Price: Bronze Package starts from $ 15, per month and Enterprise package is custom made.

Key Features:
These are some features the makes it viable option for small business to use VOIP. Key feature are as follows.

Power Dialer, Volume Discounts , Call Transfer, 3 Way Calling, Custom Caller ID , Forward to Multiple Device.

Company Review: New founded, CallHippo is setting foot in the market. VOIP has been its main focus. It specializes in providing VOIP services to small businesses. The main feature is to allow support numbers from different 50 or so countries. CallHippo also can integrate easily with other CRM softwares such as Salesforce to better service