Car Insurance worth it?


Do we need Car Insurance? In this article, we will read about the need or no need of the car insurances and also which stars opted for the car insurances.

Generally, insurance costs between 1-3 % of the invoice amount of the vehicle per year, so for example if you have a car that costs $10,000 dollars, so you will be paying 300 $ per year. Do you think this is saving or it is extra cost of keeping the car? So, let us See,

I have had two instances in which I have paid insurance amount, but it helped me to save money. Once I insured AUDI and ran into many accidents. So, my bill for the repair was $4000 over the year but I paid $1000 for the car insurance.

It was a simple example of the cost saving, but if you are very safe driver than you might be paying extra money for the insurance.

Now buying car insurance can be daunting process as there are many companies that provide car insurance but selecting one that best suits your requirement and also if you don’t want to pay extra money. In the end of this article,  I will provide you link of the online car insurance quota website which not only give you overview of specific or sponsored insurance companies but overall that are working in the market.

General Tips:

  1. Compare costs and coverage type of different car insurance companies to get the better overview of what you are paying for so in the end, you don’t pay much money.
  2. Look of ad-ons, just do not stick to the basic requirement as with the ad-ons, you will be getting much better options for the money you pay for the car insurance.
  3. Before signing the car insurance contract, please read it thoroughly, and get your lawyer’s friend to read it for you as the car insurance companies make It very dense and complicated to read and hard to understand.

These tips must be the thumb rule for selecting any type of car insurance in general. Here is also a list of few insurance companies that provide car insurance and service to their customers.

  1. Geico

Geico’s 98 % customer satisfaction speaks for it self as it is country wide known best car insurance company. Please visit the relevant website to learn more.

Famous in Florida state, ALLSTATE company provide satisfactory customer service and insurance in the country. IF you are in Florida, you may try AllState.

Over 19 million customers, Progressive is giant that handles a lot of customers and provide car insurance. It was also the front runner when it introduces safe driving discount for its customer.

Not much in the marketing dominance, but people says it is established since cars are introduced in the country. Well over 4 million customers, this also can be good option.

Esurance is heart of the California state as every second person are its policy holder. Surprisingly, it is part of the Allstate, so if you live in California, this can be good option.

Best of army, veterans, and their families. It only provides services to these and have better rates.

Older than 85 years, Safeco serves customer with great details.

Overall, please check all the respective car insurance companies website and compare it with each other. For example, if you live in California State, go to the Esurance website, compare It with Geico to consider what might be best for you.

Well, this can be lengthy process to do, but you need do it because you have got new car and you need to have car insurance.

So, for example if you bought a car, of $ 20, 000, and you are confuse of what company to choose to insure it, then just go to these 7 websites which I mentioned in the article, and compare policies and prices within excel sheet.

Also read about coverage program, collision, and many more as policies sometimes are very vague. For example, if your car side mirror is broken, some insurance companies might pay you half, and some might pay the full price. So you need to be very much careful .

Now lets see how the rich Famousworld Stars get insurance and how much they pay.

  1. Kim Kardashian

Do you know that kim Kardashian also drives Ferrari car? The cost of the Ferrari car is $ 200,000 and she pays yearly a premium to car insurance companies around $ 4500. This keeps her car safe, as we read news of stars driving Ferrari and getting into accident.

  • Kobe Bryant

Basketball star Kobe Bryant also owns Ferrari and that costs wooping more than $ 400,000. Well, driving such expensive car can joyful and may involve high risk. If something hits the back of the car, it would costs $ 30,000 or more but if you have insurance of the car so it will save you a lot of money that’s why Kobe Bryant car insurance bill is $5500.

  • Kanye West

As like Kim Kardashian, Kanye West is getting back. He also drive Lambo, and lambo costs more than $ 500,000. He drives black Lamborghini Aventedor, which is most good looking car in the whole universe. But it is saying that if you are keeping Camels as pets, you need to have high walls so keeping lambo, will cost you $ 10,000 per year in insurance.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio

One of my favourite stars in the Hollywood. What do you think which car he drives? Bugatti or BMW? Or may be he made special car for himself name as Oscar Car? No, He drives Toyota Prius car, that cost $ 15,000. The lower the cost the lower the insurance, so he pays $1100 insurance per annum.

See this is the example of the costs, and benefits. In my view, when you get the car you need to have reasonable insurance as roads and traffic are very vulnerable to accidents even scratchs make your car look like cheap. So Choose wisely.

IF you like our article, please share it with friends who might be interested in getting new car so may be this article can help in choosing best car insurance.