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All film lovers know the name of Jackie Chan. But the path of the actor to fame was not easy. However, Jackie always found the strength to not despair and again get down to business. Today in the record of the artist more than a hundred paintings.

On April 7, 1954, a boy was born in a poor Chinese Chan family. The child weighed more than 5 kg, which is why the mother for a long time called her son “Pao Pao”, which means “cannonball”. The couple were so poor that they left the baby with the doctor for a while. When they paid the hospital bill, they took the child home and gave him the name Chen Gansheng. Later, the world found out about this guy under the pseudonym Jackie Chan.
At one time, Charles and Lily Chan fled from China from the civil war in Hong Kong. There they found work at the French Embassy as a cook and a maid. In the 60s, when Jackie’s son grew up, the family moved to Australia.

From the age of 6, Jackie Chan has been attending Peking Opera School. There he gained stage experience and learned to understand his body. In addition, carried away kung fu.

In the movie, Jackie Chan was still a child. From 8 years old, he starred first in the crowd, then he was entrusted with the role of the son of the main character in the Peking opera.

In adolescence, he starred in martial arts films, but so far only in crowd scenes. Although the list of works there are films “Fist of Fury” and “Exiting the Dragon” with Bruce Lee. In these films, Jackie plays negative characters. But then he realized that there was no point in copying Bruce Lee, becoming one of a thousand.
After moving to his parents in the 70s, he tried to study at Dickson College, worked on a construction site. Along the way, he began to act in films like a stuntman. Jackie Chan is artistic, flexible, charismatic and owns Kung Fu. This allows him to move to real roles. He puts on comedic pictures where the heroes participate in street fights, demonstrate combat abilities. The characters of the artist are lazy, sometimes rustic. They have a lot of problems, simpletons, but in general they are brave, kind guys. Jackie Chan tricks invented himself. In fact, at that time a new genre was born.

The film “Snake in the Shadow of an Eagle” was a breakthrough in the career of Jackie Chan. The director of the film allowed the talented actor to put on his own tricks and improvise. This was what was needed, because the film was shot in a comedy genre with elements of martial arts. By that time, Jackie Chan had already lived with an interesting genre.

The film “Drunken Master” showed us the comic tandem of Jackie and actor Yuen Xu Tien. Jackie plays a broken, carefree bully who fights with everyone in a row, disgracing his master father’s battle school. Yuen plays the role of mentor, who took up the talented impudent reeducation.

In 1983, while working on the film “Project A”, Jackie Chan organized a stunt group. In subsequent films, he worked with her. Today, the actor is blacklisted by all insurance companies, as it often puts life at risk. On account of Jackie many “combat wounds” received at the shooting: dislocation of the pelvis, broken fingers, sternum, ankles and ribs. Because of the repeatedly broken right ankle, Jackie, when performing tricks, is forced to land on his left foot. And on the set of “The Armor of God”, a head injury resulting from a fall from a tree almost led to death.
In the 1980s there were many attempts to break through to Hollywood. “Big Fight”, “Cannonball Racing”, “Patron” did not go unnoticed, but did not have fame.

Success came in 1995 with the film “Disassembly in the Bronx,” which noted the award for Jackie MTV.

“First strike”, “Mr. Cool” and other films beat off the box office. The spectator went to be surprised, to laugh, to admire Jackie Chan’s skill.
In 2000 came the cartoon “The Adventures of Jackie Chan.” The main character of the animated film was the archaeologist Jackie Chan, who is a collective image of the characters played by the artist, and some others.

Rush Hour, along with two sequels, collected billions of dollars, becoming Hollywood hits. In the Shanghai Midday Western, he plays with Owen Wilson.

Jackie Chan is experimenting. Changing roles, adds to the films a number of expensive and spectacular special effects, although it does not have much success, because the heart of Jackie’s films has always been a martial art, these famous fights using all sorts of available tools.
“Tuxedo” and “Around the World in 80 Days” became a failure, if you look at them from a commercial point of view. Jackie Chan had seven doubles in his Tuxedo.

After the setbacks, Jackie Chan took himself in hand. He starred in three successful films in a row, continuing to experiment. An interesting film is “Myth”, where the actor plays the role of the Chinese emperor, who is crazy about a charming girl, and an archaeologist: completely different characters, but both own kung fu.

“The fall of the last empire” – the jubilee film of the actor, the hundredth in a row, released in 2011. And not the last.
More than 100 songs in the repertoire of Jackie Chan, although few people know that he sings. Jackie performs songs in several Chinese dialects, in Japanese and English. For his films, he often creates soundtracks himself, but in Europe and America they are usually replaced.

Stars named Jackie Chan can be seen in Hong Kong, Hollywood and on the Old Arbat in Moscow.

In Hollywood, Jackie was filled with offers to play the role of negative characters. But he always refused. Chan was afraid to spoil the image and get into the list of stereotyped movie villains.
In 2010, the premiere of the feature film “Karate Kid” started, where the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinket-Smith shone. Jackie Chan played mentor young Dre Parker. The audience warmly accepted the tape, and for Jaden, the role became one of the most important in his career biography.

In 2016, Jackie Chan was honored with an Oscar for outstanding contributions to the cinema.
Jackie’s creative biography was not limited to only roles in action movies. He acted as a voice actor in three Kung Fu Panda cartoons. In addition, Chan produced most of the paintings in which he starred, and directed more than a dozen tapes.

Personal life

Jackie Chan married Taiwanese actress Lin Fengjiao in the early 80s. Jackie saw his future wife in 1982 and fell in love. The offer of a hand and heart followed immediately in the pavilion for filming. Chang, fearing inadequate fan reaction, had hidden Lin from the public for fifteen years.

The family had a son, Chang Zumin, who followed in his father’s footsteps. He plays the movie and sings. Gained fame under the pseudonym of Jacey Chan.

In 2014, Jacey had problems with the law. He went to prison for half a year for making room for people who use drugs. Jackie Chan did not interfere with the exercise of justice, but in an interview he shared that he was shocked by the incident.

Before imprisonment, father and son had a cool relationship. Jackie even announced that he would bequeath part of the money to charity rather than leave money to Jacey. However, after their release, they met and made contact.
Actress Elaine U Tsili, talking about an extramarital relationship with the actor, claimed that she and Chan had a daughter Etta U Zholin. The artist considered this connection a mistake and refused to recognize the child officially.

It was rumored that when Jackie found out about Elaine’s pregnancy, he asked the girl for an abortion. But she did not take that step. As a result, the actor agreed that he had two children. But in the upbringing and fate of his daughter, Jackie is not involved.
In April 2017, Etta made an unsuccessful suicide attempt. Doctors concluded that the girl was depressed. Besides the fact that her father does not get along with her, the relationship with her mother left much to be desired.

Then Etta on the page in “Instagram” confessed to unconventional orientation and posted a photo with her beloved Andy Oth. A flurry of criticism struck the girls, but they found the strength to thank those who responded to the coming-out with understanding.

Star dad Etta also has an official account on Instagram. The favorite actor is watched by many thousands of fans. Jackie also shares with Twitter fans.

Jackie chan now

In 2017, the characters of the animated films “Lego Film: Ninjago” and “Real Squirrel 2” spoke in the voice of Jackie Chan.

In May of the same year, Russian viewers saw the premiere of the film “The Armor of God: In Search of Treasures”. In China, the militant came out in January.