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Kilian Mbapppe Biography, Club career & Achievements


Kilian Mbapppe is called the main prodigy of world football. In 17 years, the young striker has already become the champion of France and reached the semi-finals of the League. And for the 18-year-old young man fought the famous clubs of the planet. Kilian chose the French “Paris Saint-Germain”, refusing for the time being his childhood dream of playing alongside Lionel Messi.


Kilian was born in the suburb of Paris, in the town of Bondi. A football player is difficult to attribute to a certain nationality, because the parents represent different nations: the father is African, came from Cameroon, and the roots of the mother are Arab, her ancestors immigrated to France from Algeria. Family Mbappa sports. Mother played handball on a professional level. Father Wilfrid played football, continued his career as a coach in the club “Bondi”. The adopted son of his parents, Kilian’s brother Zhyres Kembo-Ekoko, also linked life to playing on the grass. The biography of the young man was predetermined. Of course, the young Kilian showed ability to sport. Wilfried first coached the heir himself, and then arranged for him at the prestigious academy “Clarefontaine”, “forging” famous footballers. For example, world champion Thierry Henry and the legendary Barcelona defender Lilian Thuram, who have completed their careers, came out of its walls.

From the house to the academy tens of kilometers separated, but his father almost every day drove his son to train. Efforts were not in vain. A talented athlete at the age of 13 was trying to lure the Spanish “Real” into their ranks. He persuaded to accept the offer himself Zinedine Zidane. However, the young man, at the insistence of his father, refused the star of the football world. He continued his youth career in the glorious “Monaco” – the club signed a contract with a 15-year-old. Kilian was not yet 17, when he began playing with adults, taking the position of an attacker. Long-legged, lightweight (athlete’s height is 178 cm, and weight 73 kg) and speedy Kilian mesmerized with the game – he handled the ball with cat softness, easily walked away from opponents, boldly went for experienced opponents. And most importantly – did not get tired to please with goals. Among the scored goals were often decisive. With the swiftness of a comet, Mbappa flew up to the Olympus of French football. Entering the main squad, he managed to score 26 goals in one season. The club, along with a gifted athlete, was the leader of the country, having removed Paris Saint-Germain from the pedestal.

Club career

In the adult football in the “Monaco” hit in 2015. As part of the French championship, his team played against Kahn, the guy came on as a substitute at the end of the match and managed in the last minutes to give a fantastic assist. This game was for Mbappa a ticket to the main team of Monaco. This was followed by new successes.

During the debut game in the Europa League in a match with Tottenham, the guy gave one an assist. During the first season, Kilian scored one goal and took part in the scoring chase to the opponent’s goal. According to statistics, in the first season of professional football, Mbappa broke several records of the sports legend Thierry Henry. He became the young debutant of the club, the young author of a goal in the entire history of the existence of FC Monaco. The next season has become even brighter. Kilian played 44 matches, scored 26 goals. He became his team-mate with the champion of the country. Interrupted the long win-win period of the games of the PSG team. The football player helped the club in the race for reaching the 1/8 finals of the Champions League to get around serious opponents in the face of Tottenham, Bayer and CSKA. Kilian showed a brilliant game in the match against Manchester City, made him write all the newspapers about him. Mbappé provided Monaco with a semi-final. The athlete interrupted the dry series of the legendary goalkeeper Buffon. And although this goal did not help Monaco to reach the final, Kilian added to the list of top scorers in the tournament. The bright season in Monaco made it possible for a football player to become one of the desired players for the clubs: Barcelona; “Arsenal”; “RealMadrid”; “Paris Saint-Germain”. For advice, the guy turned to his father, who suggested the best, in his opinion, for Kilian’s option –

“Paris Saint-Germain”.

The footballer listened to the father’s opinion. Paris Saint-Germain Since 2017, Mbappé has been in favor of PSG on loan. The club undertakes to redeem the player upon completion of the rental contract. The repurchase amount is 180 million euros.

No one doubted that in “PSG” this player would be the main star of the main team. Even the arrival of Neymar’s club did not overshadow Kilian’s brilliant play. A total of 9 games of the First League of France scored 4 goals and gave the same number of assists. Thanks to the brilliant game, Mbappé gave a chance to PSG to beat the giant Bavaria in the Champions League group stage.

Performances for the national team

Kilian Mbappa was summoned to the youth teams starting in 2015. But he did not achieve great success with the youth teams. Mbappe made his debut as part of the French national team on March 25, 2017 in the qualifying match for the 2018 World Cup against Luxembourg. At the age of 18 and 95 days, he became the youngest player in the history of the French national team after Mariana Wisnieski. On August 31, 2017, in the framework of the qualifying tournament for the 2018 World Cup, the French team defeated the Netherlands 4-0. Coming on as a substitute in the 76th minute, Mbappé scored his first goal for the French team in a time compensated for the fight.

June 30, 2018 in the 1/8 finals of the 2018 World Cup against Argentina, after a solo passage Mbappa, interrupted with a violation of the rules in the penalty opponent, a penalty was awarded by Antoine Griezanne, and on 64 and 68 minutes Killian scored himself. As a result, his team won with a score of 4: 3. Mbappa was recognized as the best player in this match.


Team “Monaco” Champion of France: 2016/17

“PSG” Champion of France: 2017/18

French League Cup Winner: 2017/18

French Cup Winner: 2017/18

Personal The best young player in the French League season 1: 2016/17

Golden Award winner Boy: 2017