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Neymar Jr

One of the most famous football players in the world does not hide that his father became an idol outside the field.

“I want to be equal to him in everything. He knows what I need to say in difficult moments. This is a man who is ready to move mountains to promote my success, ”he admits to journalists.

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior was born on February 5, 1992 in the municipality of Mogi das Cruzes, located in the Brazilian state of San Paolo. By that time, his father was finishing his career as a professional footballer – alas, not at all successful. Neymar Sr. did not achieve any outstanding success.

Neymar and Nadine Santos raised two children. The elder was named after his father, the youngest was named Raphael.

Later Neymar Santos recalled that he could live the ordinary life of a former footballer, and that would be the easiest choice. But Neymar Sr. decided otherwise, making a bet on raising his son, who was supposed to realize his father’s dreams.

Many parents devoted their lives to the careers of children. Most of them lost. Neymar Sr. thanks to his son now knows the whole football world. They treat him differently, many accuse him of thirst for profit, that he is only interested in money, others say that this is not so, and his interest in his son’s career does not go over the edge. However, the fact remains that Neymar Jr. has become one of the most famous players in the world and the most expensive player today. And it does not look like a victim of parental ambitions. And the father for many years remains his permanent agent.

Start with minus five

In the first years of the son’s family lived on the verge of poverty. “We did not start from scratch, but from minus five,” said Neimar Sr. later. Santos settled in the house of the grandfather of the future world football star, I had to sleep on the same mattress. The father of the family worked in three jobs, trying to feed the family. There was no time to even watch the matches with the participation of his son. But if there was a choice between buying products and something necessary for the boy’s future career, the last thing was chosen – here Neymar Sr. was adamant. He also found time to communicate with his son.
The boy, however, at first did not intend to drive the ball all his life, dreaming of becoming a “powerful ranger. And yet I learned to play.

When Neimar Jr. turned 11 years old, the family, despite poverty, twice changed places of residence. First Santos were in San Vicente, and then in Santos. The reason was the development of the first-born football career – it was already clear that with proper upbringing and luck the boy would go far. In the youth academy of the football club “Santos” he learned the basics of professional play.

Grow in Brazil

The talent of Neymar Jr. was obvious. At the age of 14, Real Madrid agents were actively interested in them. However, the player’s father refused them, noting that the boy should grow up in Brazil. “We are from a modest family and in our modest family the issue of cultural values ​​is important,” said Neymar Santos.

As it turned out later, this choice from the point of view of a career turned out to be absolutely correct.

The 17-year-old Neymar signed his first professional contract with the Santos club, which became his family in six years, making his debut mainly in 2009. He was recognized as the best young player of the Brazilian League Paulista. In 2010, he won the Brazil Cup, scoring 11 goals. In 62 meetings, a football player 42 times struck the gate rivals. For the ball thrown at the Flamenco gate, Neymar was awarded the FIFA Award of Ferenc Puskas for the most beautiful goal of the year.

In 2011, thanks to Neymar, Santos won the Libertadores Cup – a tournament that is held by the South American Confederation of Football among the best clubs in Latin America.

Stayed because of hair

By that time, European football clubs were naturally interested in a promising player – and Neymar’s father, who put everything at stake, in order to achieve a good career for his son, could finally receive dividends. Initially, he found Neimar Jr. an agent, but soon decided to represent his son’s interests on his own. And he did it very successfully for the development of his son as a football player, and to replenish the family wallet. Poverty has long been forgotten – the father and son of Santos turned into millionaires.

In 2011, Real Madrid made another attempt to seize Neymar, the Spaniards were ready to pay 58 million euros for a football player. In response, “Santos” updated the contract with a player who now had to receive a salary of 6.5 million euros. The retreat was 75 million euros.

However, as the President of Santos Luis Alvaro de Oliveira said, Neymar was not convinced by large sums, but by the prospect of changing his hairstyle. “I convinced Neymar to stay by saying that the head coach of Real Madrid, Jose Mourinho, would have made him cut his hair shorter. With us, he can do whatever he likes with his hairdo. ”

At the end of the season, Neymar was recognized as the best player in South America. He became one of the contenders for the FIFA Golden Ball.
The contract with “Santos” was signed until 2014. But it was clear that the football player is unlikely to remain in his native country for such a long time.

Transfer to Barcelona

In March 2012, there were reports in the media about the transfer of Neymar to Barcelona. The Spaniards paid in advance part of the amount required to buy a football player – 14.5 million euros. At the end of the year, he became the second after Pele the winner of the prize “For Outstanding Game”.

His last match for Santos Neymar held May 26, 2013 against Flamenco. On the same day, on the official website of Barcelona there was a message about the player’s transition, and the player himself wrote on Twitter that he could not bear it any longer and was in a hurry to share the news about the transition to the Spanish club.

According to the “cost”, Neymar took the second place in the club, losing only to the Swede Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The deal cost Barcelona 57 million euros, and the amount of compensation amounted to 190 million euros. Neymar’s salary did not grow much – he received € 7 million a year.

First season in spain

Neymar scored his first goal for the new team in the second match – a friendly match with the national team of Thailand in August, and the first goal in the Spanish Championship – against Real Sociedad in September.
One of the matches of the Champions League group stage, against Celtic, was marked not only by the first head-trick of a football player for Barcelona, ​​but also by personal and club records. Neymar scored three goals in 13 minutes, it was the fastest head-trick in the history of Barcelona appearances in this tournament. In addition, Neymar became the first player in history to win a head trick in both the Libertadores Cup and the Champions League.

In total, in the 2013-2014 season in the Spanish club, the Brazilian footballer scored 14 goals and spent 12 assists.

New records

The season 2014/2015 was marked by new achievements. On April 21, 2015, in the match against Paris Saint-Germain, Neymar, who scored two goals, became the only player in history who managed to hit the gates of one club in four matches of one Champions League draw. The Brazilian’s first goal was the thousandth for Barcelona in the European Cup. Finally, Neymar repeated the achievement of compatriot Mario Zhardel, scoring more than ten goals in the Champions League and the Libertadores Cup.

Neymar was named the best player in the UEFA Champions League playoffs and became the first player to hit the opponents’ goal during one season of the tournament in both quarterfinals, both semi-finals and final of the tournament. He repeated the achievement of Argentine Hernan Crespo, who scored goals in the Champions League final and the Libertadores Cup. In addition, he and his teammate, Lionel Messi, scored ten goals during the competition – for the first time in League history, two players from one club scored a two-digit number of goals in one season.