SalesForce CRM Software Review for Smart Business


In this article, we will discuss the features of SalesForce CRM software for the small business. CRM are customer relation management software that enhance relationship between business and customers. It is new way to further develop meaningful relationships that will not only convert into profits but also retaining customers for long run. SalesForce is leading CRM company that have stronghold in market. In this article, we will provide meaning full information about company, CRM softwares, cost, and reviews so if you are looking into buying SalesForce CRM, so you may have better picture of the company.

Company Overview:

Established in 1999, SalesForce become one of the largest company that delivers CRM software for small businesses. The headquarter is in the San Francisco, California. The company delivers software in Cloud platform. Currently, running by Marc Benioff, as CEO, and having $17.1 Billion in revenue, with subsidiaries such as Pardot, Tableau, Heroku, Mulesoft and others.
SalesForce is successful and pioneer because it was only first one who introduced CRM in the cloud, and only one SaaS company. Using cloud, SalesForce took the opportunity to deliver its products to many more customers around the world. Adding to its success, Fortune named SalesForces as # 1, in the list of best companies to work in. The employees numbers are staggering reaching to 36 thousands around the world. In today’s world, around more than 70 % of the Fortune 100 companies uses some app of SalesForce. We ourselves uses Tableau for the Data management. Some companies that uses SalesForce are spotify, U.S bank, T-Mobile, Aldo (Shoes Company), Toyota and many more in the list.


The main function is to provide cloud based CRM software to businesses. With such software, small businesses can easily reduce workload, optimize delivery, project timeline and importantly, provide real time data to take decisions that will have impact on the business profitability. So what exactly does SalesForce actually useful? CRM software of SalesForce is SaaS service. One of the best feature is that SalesForce’s CRM software doesnot requires any sort of coding knowledge, infact it is more user friendly that’s why more of the people love to use CRM software of SalesForce.
SalesForce usually perform different CRM functions
1- Time management during and after projects,

2- Easy to communicate with team members,

3- Planning, and forecasting of different aspects of your business

4- Retaining Customer information

5-  Employee performance tracking

6- Gathering leads and lead management

7- Integration of different apps

8- Real time, one stop data

In the nutshell, main aim of using CRM software is to increase productivity and increase your company sales. By performing above functions, SalesForce CRM is perfect choice for small businesses which want to excel.

SalesForce CRM software are easy to master , and may require only few weeks of online training to master it. So it is very handy feature, for example easy to use and learn, which also means that small businesses may not require highly skilled employees, that costs high.
You can watch Demo here.


SalesForce CRM software comes with pre defined packages for its customers. Alternatively, you can get Free trial too if you are not sure whether it is good option for you. What you need is your name, email, company and phone number to register for the free trial.
CRM comes in 4 different packages
a- Essentials

Cost is $ 25, and it is per user per month. It is all in one sales app and also have support. You can get free trial on this package here.

b- Professional

Cost is $ 75, and it is per user per month. It is best for any size team and have full CRM software. You can get free trial on this package here.

c- Enterprise

Cost is $ 150, and it is per user per month. Expensive is because, it is customizable for your need. You can get free trial on this package here.

d- Unlimited

Cost is $ 300, and it is per user per month. Overall and fully powered CRM. You can get free trial on this package here.

 You can download full chart edition which compares different products, features and prices here.

Different modes of training are available. You can get trained in person, or you can usually opt for webinars, and also for online session. Alternatively you can use documentation of how to use.


SalesForce CRM software is available for Windows/Mac. It is also in cloud so you can you website. Google Play store and App Store also have SalesForce CRM. It is available every where.


There are also other highly reputable companies which provide CRM software. Here is list of companies

  1. PipeDrive
  2. Oracle CRM
  3. Insightly
  4. Microsoft Dynamics
  5. Zoho CRM
  6. Keap
  7. HubSpot CRM