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Home Actresses Selena Gomez reaction to Bella Hadid Essentially Deleting Her Instagram Comment

Selena Gomez reaction to Bella Hadid Essentially Deleting Her Instagram Comment

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez reaction to Bella Hadid Essentially Deleting Her Instagram Comment

As we’ve learned that the two reportedly made peace turns out Bella was just allegedly holding a grudge due to some overlap between her relationship with weekend and Selena’s relationship with the weekend.

As you all knows Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid seemingly revamped their feud after Selena commented on one of Bella’s instagram pictures. Bella proceeded to delete it and Selena reacted to saying that sucks!


However now,things have made a drastic turn as we’ve learned that the two of ladies have finally made peace with another in a new report from TMZ sources revealed that once the whole instagram situation started gaining momentum.Bella reportedly reached out to Selena and told her she didn’t delete the photo because of the comment.

It was quote “Simply because she didn’t like the pic” Well we’re not sure entirely believe that Selena did take back her comment and say some nice things about Bella.


Now In the comment section of a fan post regarding her reaction to the initial deleting of the phote 

Selena wrote:

“No i shouldn’t have spoken without knowing the truth I’m sorry please don’t be hurtful she is a wonderful person and it was all misunderstanding”

In a separate report from in a touch weekly a source shared that that Selena reportedly felt Bella was holding a grudge due to their potentially being some overlap of her relationship with the weekend and Selena’s but quote that was years ago,not that okay by any mean if that truly was the case however the source shared that Bella has remained friendly with the Weekend and Selena speaks to him quote time to time so therefore we fell like If the ladies can be cool with someone who played a role in that potential drama then they can be cordial with one another at the very least online but that’s something we likely have to wait and see in the meantime.

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