Shopping for car insurance and how stars do it.


So if you are reading this article, it means that you either have upgraded car or bought new one. Getting new car is exciting as having first baby but formalities and shopping for car insurance makes it little boring and un-exciting.

Buying car is easy as you know what you are buying but shopping for car insurance makes it hard because either you don’t know which company to choose for example Geico or AllState insurance companies or you don’t know the cost/benefits of each companies insurance plan.

There are a lot of considerations to think of when you shop for car insurance.

In this article, we will provide you basic tips of how shopping for car insurance can be exciting.

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Layout of the Article:

  1. Basic Tips
  2. Insurance companies to Consider
  3. Final thoughts
  4. How Hollywood do shopping for car insurance.

Basic Tips

  1. Coverage Plans

First and for most important thing to consider is what policy is offering to you for the money you pay. What benefits can you get if you go for particular insurance company. For example, in one policy from one insurance company offers you accidental coverage of the full car so if you hit the car with some bricks and your car lost the side mirrors, so you go to the repair shop and your insurance company pay all the bills, but some companies might not offer you full coverage. Lets say, they pay 80 % of the cost.

2. Cost:

After careful consideration of the policies offered by different insurance companies, do the math. We will make this easy for you, in the end of the article, we will post a link in which you can easily calculate and compare different car insurance plans. But the real question is, how much you can afford and where do you live. In some states, insurance companies charge more than the other states due to different tax regimes. The best thing you can do while shopping for car insurance is to look at the cost of vehicle, and see the rates of different companies.

Choose the best with least cost. Secondly, after choosing minimum rates, look at the history of the insurance companies, whether their annual or 6 monthly rates changes rapidly, or they stay the same. For example if  one insurance company offer you 3 % rate bi annually, and after 3-4 months, the insurance company revise the rates so it wont be cheap. So take a moment and look for history of the rates whether they are consistent with keeping same rate or they have a habitual increase in premium rate for the car insurance.

3. Customer Service:

Customer service is important in every type of industry. Choosing best car insurance companies can be easily dealt with if the company has a nice and welcoming customer service department. Try call or send email to different car insurance companies and see their response. Stick with the one who provide basic and good service as this will be more beneficial in the upcoming months. Imagine, you choose a bad company, and you stuck in a situation where you need your insurance company to deal very soon, and you keep calling and emailing them but you get nil response.

4. Shop around

So after getting desired and least car insurance policy, and after few months, the car insurance company sends you email that the premium rate for the car insurance company is increasing in the coming months then it is time to look and shop around other car insurance companies. Well, this happens when there is sudden economic downturn or increase in Federal rates. So it is best time to look for other car insurance companies and list down the most affordable at that time. This will ensure that your car is still insured and you are not paying extra money.

Some Insurance Companies to Consider

Here is some of the best car insurance companies to consider and to look for the best. Well, this list is not a complete list, we have gather this from the websites and user ratings. You can look alternatively too in other websites that provide prominent information. However, here is few best car insurance companies that you might consider enrolling in their car insurance policy plans. We use JD power claims satisfaction score to arrive at this listing. JD rating agency is among top rating agency.

  1. Geico

With 4/5 claims score from JD, Geico is among the top insurance company in the United States. Rating by AM, Geico is A+++. Gieco controls 14 % of the market and already have insured more than 29 million vehicles as of 2020.

United States biggest insurance company starts working since 1912.

We would recommend USAA for the army people , veterans and so on. As it is primarily providing insurance services to such personal and in very good rates. JD claim satisfactory reports 4.5/5 rating for USAA.

Ranked 3rd in United states, progressive starts insuring vehicles since 1937 and up till now, the company have more then 20 million vehicles insured.

We would say StateFarm is best for the students, however STATEFARM also provide financial services along side insurance services. Best rated by JD claim satisfactory report, it is among top best car insurance company. StateFarm employees more than 20,000 agents so for you it is easy to deal with them.

Final Thoughts:

So finally, we hope that after reading this article, it might be clear for you what to do and how to do shopping for car insurance. Please keep in mind that whatever decision you take, you need to have clear thoughts how much you can afford the insurance and how much benefit it will give you. As it is state required, you need to have car insurance.
In the event of refusal of services by car insurance companies, you can always use lawyers help. We hope that you find your best car insurance policy.