Yang Yang Age, Biography, Net Worth, Girlfriends & More


Yang Yang (Actor) Age, Biography, Net Worth, Girlfriends & More

Yang Yang

Yang Yang was born on September 9, 1991 in Shanghai, China.
From childhood, the boy was professionally engaged in choreography at the Shanghai Youth Art School. His results were amazing and he made it to the top 5 best students. After graduating from high school, Yang Yang entered the Academy of Arts of the People’s Liberation Army in China, studying at the dance department.

His acting career begins stunning. If overwhelmingly the actors begin with episodic roles moving on to the main ones, then Y Yan Yan was different. At the end of 2007, he was personally selected by project director Li Shaohong for the lead role of Jia Baoyu in the movie “Dream in the Red Tower” (2010).

This series has become one of the most expensive of all existing Chinese TV shows, earning an income of 17.55 million dollars. This historical romantic dorama consisted of fifty episodes and aired in the summer of 2010. After the shooting of the project Yang Yang popular and famous actor, as well as won the award for “Best Actor.”

In 2011, Yang Yang took part in the project of the romantic series “Melody of Youth”, playing the role of Ning Hao. In June of the same year, the guy made his debut on the big screen, starring in the film “The Founding of the Party,” released in honor of the sixtieth anniversary of the existence of the Chinese Communist Party. Then followed a role in another project – “Beijing Love Story.”

A year later, Yang Yang played a major role in the comedy melodrama “Eat, drink, man, woman.” In September of the same year, the actor appeared in the military series “War does not believe in tears”. In October 2012, the shooting of a new drama started with the participation of Yang Yang – “Update 3 + 7”.

In 2013, the guy was offered the main role in the military melodrama “Large-scale confrontation” in which all the battle scenes and complex tricks he performed without the help of a stuntman. Then follows the work in the series “Flowers in the middle of summer”, and at the end of the year managed to light up in another project – “Cocoon: City of Romance”, collaborating with the leader of the South Korean group “f (x)” Victoria Son.

In 2015, Yang Yang deservedly received the title of “The most popular young actor in China.” In the same year he took part in the project “Super-four”. This is a historical detective series with elements of martial arts, based on the novel by the writer Wen Rui’an. “Super-Four” has become the most popular among the youth audience. Then the actor was offered a role in the romantic drama “Left Ear”, where he played Jan, a “flower boy” suffering from a split personality. The project was a huge commercial success, making a cash collection of $ 78 million.

Then Yang Yang starred in the adventure web-drama “The Lost Tomb” (2015), playing the role of the mysterious Zhang Chilin. It was the film adaptation of the novel “The Chronicles of the Tomb Raiders” by Nanpai Sanshu. The series has become an Internet sensation, gaining 100 million views within 22 hours after the broadcast. Dorama caused heated debates on the Internet and began to be considered almost a cult project of the year. This was followed by shooting in the sports series “The Whirlwind Girl”.

According to the results of the online voting, Dorama took the first place in the “Best series of the year” rating and received one of the highest ratings from the audience for the whole year. The time has come when Yang Yang woke up and found out that he is famous not only in China, and even not only in Asia, but already all over the world. Later, Yang Yang joined the main lineup of the reality show Divas Xum, which included celebrities such as Jing Beaujan, Hans Zhang and Zheng Shuang. The project was very well received by the audience, and the number of fans of Yan Yang doubled. At the end of the year, Yang received several major awards, making him one of the most popular and sought-after young actors in China.

In 2016, Jan Yan was offered a role in the romantic melodrama “I belong to you”, which was shown in theaters in September. Then he, along with actress Zheng Shuang, starred in the lead role in the TV series “Easy Smile Conquers the World.” This cheerful youth melodrama about students won the hearts of many viewers.
In the fantasy romance series “Three Lives, Three Epochs, Ten Miles of Peach Color,” the actor starred in 2017, where actress Liu Yi Fei became his screen partner.

In 2018, the actor took part in the TV series “Warrior Universe” and the drama of the Chronicle of the Small Town, about the detective tarologist, where Yang Yang plays one of the minor roles.
Next year, his fans are expecting the continuation of The Warlike Universe Season 2, as well as the release of the comedy adventure action movie Avatar King.