Zoho CRM Reviews: As One of the Best



Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a set of tools used by sales organizations all over the world. These software systems are used for automatic industrialize sales processes, to manage sales teams, and to produce top-line revenue growth. These software systems can be essential part of any organization’s long-standing digital revolution strategy and roadmap.

As compared to Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, which normally implement changes to an entire organization and act as an integrated application to manage the business and automate many back office functions too, CRM software can be applied in a targeted way to focus on sales and customer service requirements. That’s why, there is a huge range of options to choose from, ranging from big vendors such as Salesforce to niche providers like Sugar CRM and ERP vendors such as Oracle and Microsoft.

To choose best CRM system for specific organization, there are number of criteria which are mentioned below. 

  1. Average total cost of ownership
  2. Functionality and features
  3. Integration to ERP systems and other third-party applications
  4. Customer satisfaction
  5. Market share
  6. Ease of implementation and overall risk

What is Zoho CRM?

Zoho is globally renounced CRM system which is trusted by international businesses around the world. It helps them to lead, engage with more customers and grow their revenue. It also offers a single platform for sales management, marketing and customer support activities. It updates operator’s process, policy and people records accordingly.


Zoho has email marketing & automation features and tools. With the help of it’s powerful and enhance email marketing tools, one can grow one’s market base with engaging more and more customers. Companies can serve their clients and respond them instantly. These features also can accessible on mobile and web applications.

It is full of features and customization tools. It easily integrates with other enterprise software like Zoho Project Management and Zoho email. It has Gmail extension also. That’s why it can also be right to call it a “multi-functional platform for organizations. It also has some essentials features for example ‘reports feature’ that help to update everyone linked with organization.

It offers Simple and complete platform for anything that a company can think of right now. It provides management for clients account, leads about new businesses and meetings with old clients too. Zoho is very comprehensible and straightforward. It has a very neat layout for data input. It is easily Customizable. Those tools are extremely easy to customize, even for a non-technical person.

It also helps to create detailed database of organization’s customers. Because, this is so important for a company, more specifically, a newly established company. It also updates and well organizes the statistics. For data-analysis, it has a dedicated feature named ‘Dashboard feature’. It is quite amazing when organization can able to see the number of potentials that are created from each marketing channel-SEO. 

Easy integration with social media and other networking tools like E-mails and third-party software too. It helps organizations to carry out successful campaigns and activities. It compatibility with Email marketing module with mass emails is one of its prominent selling point.

It helps to Boost sales. Any organization can identify, raise, and follow up on selective leads. which means that organization can save more time and resources on a prospect that probably won’t become a customer. 

It increases productivity with the help of its defined and efficient processes of respective businesses. It never let drop the standards set by respective organization for the process of dealings and execution of business. 

It is an omnichannel platform. It helps to exercise lead management, Deal Management, Contact Management and Workflow Automation at one place. Similarly, it handles whole communication simultaneously, with E-mails, telephones and other social and customer portals. 

When it comes to analytics, it can offer a report analysis system. Growing of business required more and more information of competing products and organizations. It can analyze trends and also do forecasts. 

Furthermore, with respect to customer support and facilitation, it has one of the best interfaces and features. It offers Case management, call center management and Help desk management. 

In today’s world, security is one the main concern when it comes to public dealings. It includes personal information and business deals as well. For that particular services, Zoho have two distinctive features. Firstly, it provides user permissions on “roll-basis”. Secondly, it offers single sign-on capability to avoid any intrusion from cyber-attacks. 


Every available software in market that offers customer relation management has many revolutionary features. But that doesn’t mean it can cover broad spectrum of industry requirements once and for all. It is not just impossible to develop such software system but also difficult to use. Hence, it is quite possible that any software that some specific organization use is equipped with good and some bad features. At least, every system lacks a few of qualities which are offered by other systems in market. 

So, the first and foremost drawback of Zoho is that it required a lot of customization to start it for a beginner. Due to list of numerous features and customization tools, learning and starting it for a new customer and organization required a lot of training. Similarly, its integration with other software is also a different subject to learn about. But once synced, it will be much more attractive option than its competitors. Moreover, it is hard to locate and use the functionality for the locating features in the mobile app. Because it is not as comprehensive as its web version.  

 Zoho offers limited application programming interface (API). API is an integrated process of creating a means for two or more APIs to share data and communicate with each other without human interruption.  But in case of Zoho, it is limited to only one customer. Which is far less available as compared to its counterparts. 

Next concern is about customer support of Zoho CRM. Customer service is responsive but when dealing with a specific issue, it can be time consuming and awkward to schedule a call for that specific issue. most of the time while waiting, it take alot of time searching for answers on ‘how to’ videos and FAQs, which not just time taking but searching for answers this way is also frustrating sometimes. 

When it comes to storing of data of customers, Zoho CRM only allows to store from twitter and Facebook only. Any other social platform is not allowed to sync and organization has to manually add and update the data. 

On the one hand Zoho CRM offers wide range of tools and much more customization but its interface is quite dull. Zoho do not offer and allow to change interfaces like colors and fonts. It feels quite lifeless and demotivating for workplace environment. 

Every software, more specifically CRM systems have many bugs and issues. Zoho CRM is also have some issues regarding operation. For example, it requires more clicks while opening new windows. Furthermore, sometimes adding data while using different Wi-Fi network. Sometimes data disappears when connected back to previous network that entered data get disappear. 

Pricing of Zoho CRM: 

Like most of other available, Zoho CRM is also offered Free trial versions. Other than that, it also offers premium services like Consulting and Integration Services. The main difference of Zoho CRM support options between free and paid version is all about services. Free version offers E-mail, forum/ community and FAQs. In paid version, it offers all of the features from free versions and phone and live chat options. 

With all variants of Zoho CRM, language support is also available. It offers all major languages including English (US), English (UK), Hebrew, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Swedish, Bulgarian, Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan), Danish, Dutch, Polish, Hungarian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Hindi, Croatian, and Czech.

versionPrice Conditions 
Standard$12per user, per month
Professional$20per user, per month
Enterprise$35per user, per month
Ultimate$45per user, per month

Final verdict about Zoho CRM: 

Being marketing automation platform, Zoho CRM is a much better choice for small businesses rather large organizations. Any organization which is starting its CRM portal, Zoho can be helpful. Because it covers all the basic requirements of new comers. With all that Zoho CRM offers, it price is also affordable. But if any organization that have potential to grow very fast and can scale out quickly, Zoho CRM can be an average choice for them. Because affordability of Zoho CRM attracts in this price only when organization need no extra services. Because Zoho CRM charges extra for many services which are available at other CRM free. For example, many organizations choose ActiveCampaign CRM rather than Zoho CRM. Because in same price it has capability to grow alongside with organization.  It also offers much more features as compared to Zoho CRM in very reasonable price. That’s why, Zoho CRM can be more preferable for small businesses.